Helheim, Corpse Revivers, & Pumpkin “Carving” with Aubrey Aiese & Zack Sterling

DSC_4551-2 The day of the Rose City ComiCon, we convened at  Claire’s house. She cooked us a beautiful breakfast, and wore her homemade Lumberjanes outfit.  The moment came when it was time to pack up and leave, and Claire sat on a chair, defeated, sniffed a stuffed up nose, and sighed “Guys… I can’t go. I’m just too sick.”   Since she looked like death in a Girlscout sash, we believed her. I trekked to the Con myself, and marched up to the Boom table, determined to buy all the exclusives they had, and to tell whoever was there about how much we loved Lumberjanes. I was greeted with these two lovely people. DSC_4525 Zack Sterling who illustrates for Adventure time, and Aubrey Aiese, adorable and friendly letterist for Lumberjanes. I admit, it was probably strange for me to wander up to these people and show them a photo of my sick friend in a Lumberjanes Uniform and saying “She wishes she were here,” and then saying “Hey, this is weird, but do you wanna come over some time and eat food we make and drink cocktails we mix because Comics?” Fast forward a month, and they showed up at The Alberta (name of the Print Julep House) a little nervous, not knowing what to expect.  And then we put drinks in their hands and fed them, and things went well. DSC_4567-2 DSC_4560-2 This month we focused on Helheim for our comic.  It’s a brilliant book with classical elements and a driving story line. Written by Cullen Bunn and illustrated by Joelle Jones (Who is our next guest!) we were surprised at the amount of chores that stacked up while we were reading these and refusing to do them. It’s got all the best elements for Halloween: Undead vikings, witches, demons, sex, sea monsters… We also read Revival, which is an awesome story about a small town in the winter that is suddenly plagued with undead (zombies-sish). Not so much a story about Zombies, but rather, what happens to people and relationships in the midst of a crisis like this.  Also, the lead character is a female cop.  Yay strong lady characters! DSC_4727-2     And in honor of this brilliant book, we made Corpse Revivers for our cocktails.  Pardon Claire’s chattiness in this particular video, she’s just very passionate about booze and food.    She was particularly particularly passionate about them before we shot this video.   This is how Print Julep carves a pumpkin.   With the help of our special guests, Aubrey Aiese (Lumberjanes Letterist) and Zach Sterling (Adventure Time Illustrator.) Warning:  Probably NOT the best idea to try this at home. DSC_4698-2 DSC_4770-2

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