Three chicks who live between Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon.

We love comics. All three of us love comic books, comic art, comic culture and just being nerdy in general.  We don’t find it outside of the norm. Remember, we’re in the Portland area, so we’re in fine company.

The idea of Print Julep started out as a very different thing from what it has evolved into.  Originally we wanted to do a web series that was scripted, very professional looking, and a great source for people to start getting into comics.

What it ended up being was a total excuse to read comic books and throw dinner parties where we invite comic book creators and contributors to come review other comics.

The goal is still being met.  We love demonstrating that the comic world is accessible.  That if you want it to be for you, it is for you. Comics are for everyone.  You don’t need to be a genius to dive in, and we can help you do that. We can also show you how to make a cocktail to help you ease into the overwhelming world and subject that is comics.

We keep it simple and fun.  It is no secret that the industry is in upheaval mode right now with a lot of uncertainty, a lot of scrapping and fighting, and a lot of inequality.  And there are fantastic publications, weblogs, blogs, twitter pros, and watch dogs who report on that.

While we certainly care about what’s going on, the point of Print Julep is to talk about some comics, have some cocktails, and have fun drinking, eating, reading, and talking.   So we keep it there.

If comics serve to take us to a world we’d rather be a part of than the one we’re in now, Print Julep is striving to create the best of both worlds, and put them together one gathering at a time.

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Comixin' Cocktails. Step 1. Read Comic. Step 2. Throw Dinner Party. Step 3. Randomly invite a someone who works in the Comics Industry to get fed the foods and drink the drinks. Step 4. ? Step 5. Blog & Video.

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