10669340_948664448494162_9084346953248758825_o-2Chelsea lives in Gravity Falls.

Not really, but she lives like an hour away from civilization in the mountains, on a property in seclusion which we all lovingly refer to as “The Shire.” She shares it with a flock of judgmental and entitled ducks, chickens, a lot of guns, and a faithful Bernese Mountain Dog sidekick.  ….. and a  hot tub ….and white wine….   which makes for regular Print Julep strategy meetings in bathing suits.

Chelsea studied physics and thinks Wonder Woman is awesome. She does some kind of job that involves numbers and spreadsheets and science and technology or something.    She’s also the technical and production portion of Print Julep.  From the photography, to the video editing (sorry), the blog, the social media, and digital content, she takes full responsibility for how not-good all of that is.

In the land of hand crafted beers made out of every fruit, flavor, spice, flooring sample, gluten free thing, and emotion/color combination, she drinks Budweiser from a bottle. Because ‘Merica

Everyone needs a Chelsea around to take one for the team and verbalize all the “politically incorrect” thoughts everyone is having in any given situation.  Redneck Rocket Scientists are people too, but it is unanimously decided that they are not the people that need to be in front of a camera saying whatever comes to mind. A&E should vouch for that.



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Comixin' Cocktails. Step 1. Read Comic. Step 2. Throw Dinner Party. Step 3. Randomly invite a someone who works in the Comics Industry to get fed the foods and drink the drinks. Step 4. ? Step 5. Blog & Video.

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