Well.  Claire’s kind of done everything.  She’s an entrepreneur having started a crepery, coffee shop, bakery, and a bar.  She also builds things. Like… all the things. If you need it built, she can build it. She can also cook it.  Or turn it into a cocktail.

This is why Claire designs our menu for Print Julep, and actually uses that Portland saturated brain of her’s to come up with the 100% original cocktails we bring to you in every episode.  She’s got a culinary degree, so that helps too.  I’m only throwing that in there in case you needed anything to assure you that she knows what she’s doing and she’s not just another crazy person on the internet throwing recipes at you and promising it will be good.  It is ACTUALLY good, and she has an expensive piece of paper that will prove you wrong if you disagree.

Sad day, lonely dudes.  She’s married to an awesome guy she met on the internet.  So, you’re a few blogs too late.   The dude she married is also the dude who composes, plays, and produces the original music for Print Julep that sticks in your head and makes you want to break things.

Together the builder/baker lives with the musician in a cozy craftsman in Portland, Oregon where Print Julep is filmed.  Along with the occasional music video and dinner party.

They have a dog named Lucy (Daughter of the Devil) and a cat named Huey, a Katana, throwing stars, every power tool you could ever want, the most beautiful “smoking lounge” with a bar with whiskeys from around the world and Mad Men styled chairs, and a fish the size of a football that sometimes actually attacks people.   It’s like a damn hipster fairy tale.

She did not write this biography about herself. It is legit.

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Comixin' Cocktails. Step 1. Read Comic. Step 2. Throw Dinner Party. Step 3. Randomly invite a someone who works in the Comics Industry to get fed the foods and drink the drinks. Step 4. ? Step 5. Blog & Video.

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