So, Kate lives in a little blue house on the North side of the river with her husband (yep, she’s married too– in case you didn’t notice the enormous and very sparkly wedding ring in the photos/videos) and her best buddy, little brown dog, Jedi.

If you’ve ever giggled at anything Kate did in front of the camera for Print Julep, please increase that exponentially and then add in this incredible element of honest, real, down to earth friendship, and you’ve got an idea of what this woman is like.  She is the kind of person who sends texts that say “I’m gonna nap this nap so hard, it’s gonna think I napped its mama.”

If you did something really stupid. she’ll immediately tell you and embarrassing story about something she did that was even more stupid, more public, and more humiliating just to make you feel better. It usually works.

She keeps her house immaculate.  And Chelsea often wanders in all Bitch Pudding style and helps herself to her refrigerator.  Because it is the cleanest and most organized refrigerator in the Pacific Northwest.  It is also always stocked with courtesy Budweiser.

Kate rides a really cool motorcycle and manages a super popular food truck that serves gluten free meals.  Because with where we live, that’s what you do.

We call her “Domesti-Kate,” because she excels at ironing all the things, keeping stuff clean and put together, being the best pep talker out of the three of us, and picking up all the loose ends Claire and Chelsea seem to forget.

Honestly, Print Julep just wouldn’t work without Kate.  Everyone should have a Kate.  The world would be a better place.

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