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Sabrina, Solanah, and Print Juleps in a Portland Heatwave.


The heat. It’s crept in and sat on Portland like a lingering Dorito fart.  It’s unwelcome, and proving to us Northwestern natives that we are just not built for this.    At the Print Julep house, in the heart of Alberta street, we are reminded with every passing hipster that doesn’t believe in anti-perspirant that isn’t made by Tom’s (THAT STUFF IS A WHITE STICK OF ORGANIC LIES AND FAILURE) that when you heat up poor people who spend their money on vegan leather wardrobes, they smell exactly like an Artisan shart.

So, we did what we do best here at Print Julep.  We invited a friend over and and made some drinks and talked about some comics. Well, as best we could with limited AC and no pre-planning whatsoever.

Here’s our shitty video about how to make that…  For more clarification, the recipe is at the bottom of the post.

We invited over Solanah, our friend from across the river. Solanah is kind of a big deal on Instagram. (Follow her @Solanah.)  We try not to fan girl over her, but every time we see her she looks perfect, and I look like I live in yoga pants and guilt. (for not actually ever doing yoga, but wearing yoga pants to increase the number of tacos I can eat in a sitting.)   But, this is why I write blogs and take pictures of things that aren’t ME, and why SHE is an Instagram star, because LOOK AT HER.


Also, Solanah was inspiration for some other Comic book art. Off topic, but if you haven’t yet, you should definitely check out “The Fade Out.” 

2 (1)
Photo borrowed from Solanah’s blog, http://www.Vixen-Vintage.com

3 (1)
Funny story, I’d picked it up in the store right when it came out. And yes, Dottie Quinn did look familiar. It wasn’t until a fan pointed out to Solanah that she thought her likeness had been used.
She tweeted the artist, Sean Phillips, and sure enough, he’d used her photos as inspiration for Dottie’s look.

We had discussed the possibility of reviewing comics that were set in the South. Like Southern Bastards. But it just didn’t seem like the day for it.  We converged at The Alberta (the name of the Print Julep House) and all we could really talk about was how freaking awesome the new reboot of Sabrina the Teenage Witch was. Solanah came over for a spell (see what I did there?) and it was decided that while Mint Juleps really have nothing to do with Sabrina, it was the perfect day to drink as many of them as possible and talk about comics anyway.

And so, it was settled.  Amongst crushing ice and not so discreetly checking our own armpits constantly for hints of offense, we chatted about what exactly makes the new Sabrina so intriguing and why we like it so much.

 Archie Comics puts out this treasure. And basically, it’s just outright badass.  The name is fitting.   The Adventures and even the back story are straight up  chilling.   Sabrina’s father is a total dick, and that family makes me feel so much better about my own.
This one time my sister pinned me down for calling her fat, sat on my hands with her knees, and licked my eye ball. I thought that was the worst thing ever.   But Sabrina’s father stole her from her mother when she was a baby, and then turned her mom into a vegetable and admitted her to an insane asylum where she would be mentally tortured for the rest of her life.      That’s SO rude.

So the story its self is dark. It’s nothing like the crappy 90’s TV show, though I will openly confess here: I LOVED THAT SHOW.  LOVED IT.   Nor does it resemble the original Archie Sabrina.
I’m talking a real re-boot update.

Going from this:

to THIS.

It’s like what it would look like if the Scooby Doo gang did some laced shrooms, and then channel hopped over to Josie and the Pussy Cats and went all Carrie on them.
Not really coincidence, however. As the writer of the reboot, Roberto Aguirre-Saracas, is ALSO a writer for the newest Carrie.
Still, horror writer expert, he does a fantastic job of juxtaposing the lighthearted thoughts of a teen with the dark, chilling reality of an actual Wiccan coven and the actuality that Satan and Evil are a part of their lives.

And while there is an evil aspect to Sabrina’s strange family dynamic, living with her two aunts and her cat, Salem, it illustrates beautifully (and uber traditionally thanks to Robert Hack’s throwback GENIUS) that even those who have sold their souls still want and need love.  It begs the question… If even the damned need and want love, what is true evil?  And is it caused by lack of love? And if it’s not a choice, if you were born into it, are you truly evil and damned?
..those are questions that go through my head anyway. Along with “I wonder if Kate will give me five dollars if I eat all that mac and cheese in less than ten minutes.”

All in all, I’m looking forward to the next issue of Sabrina the same way I look forward to my next Orothodontic appointment. Being that, I know it’s going to be TOTALLY worth it, but I will most likely be surprised, a little uncomfortable, and unable to sleep afterward.

Now for how to make A PRINT JULEP!

 First: Mint Simple Syrup.
What you’ll need:

Mint Leaves

What to do:

Traditional Simple Syrup calls for equal parts sugar and water.


1 Cup Water
1 Cup Sugar
Let’s say about 10 Mint Leaves

Put it all in a pan and let it boil. It’ll be grainy at first, then cloudy. But when your syrup is ready, It’ll be totally clear.
Strain it into a cup you can pour out of for mixing your drinks.  We used a measuring cup because it has a handle.


That’s how you do it.



1. Fill a Pint Glass half way with ice

2. 3 shots of Bourbon.  We, of course, use Burnside Bourbon by Eastside Distilling, because they keep our Spirits Up. (eh? EH?)

3. Add about 1/4 oz of Simple Syrup.

4. Take two large Mint Leaves, and slap them between your hands for the extracts. Then place them in the cup.

5. Slam a shaker on top of the pint Glass and shake.  Look for crushed up mint leaves and a frosted exterior on the metal shaker to know it’s been mixed well enough.

6. Smash ice in a bag or a cloth.

7. Fill a cup with smashed ice and mound it like a snow cone.

8. Pour the drink over the ice

9. To make it a PRINT Julep, add Action Bubbles!  or, just some Ginger Beer. Same thing, for a little refreshing bubbly lift and a ginger twist. 

10. Garnish with a mint leaf and an insult that ends with “Bless her heart.”

11. Retire to the porch and try to keep cool.  And if you’re Solanah, look effortlessly perfect and awesome at all times.


DSC_2044-2 DSC_2011DSC_2037 copy

December actually did happen.

Oh hey, it’s the middle of February.

We haven’t been in a coma.  We were not kidnapped by angry Alberta hipsters and taken to a seminar on repsonsible recycling and gluten free practices for the lowest environmental impact.  We were not hit by a naked bicyclist.

Also, even though Print Julep didn’t film in January, it didn’t stop us from livin’ the Comics Dream-  and by that we mean “working really, really, really hard on awesome things with no money coming in because that is the reality of an artistic choice in profession in the United States.”

While we were drowning in other projects, we did manage to film a Holiday Episode that detailed how to make a Naughty Nog. No books were reviewed for our holiday episode, but in celebration of our Local Comic Shop getting a newer/bigger location, we made a gingerbread Comic Shop (Print Julep Style) because that’s how we roll.

If you don’t want to sit through another horribly produced video on how to make this naughty nog, (complete with tips on how to pass the time while the mix cools in the fridge)  here is a recipe breakdown of how to make the Naughty Nog…so you don’t have to wait for the the drag of the holidays to try to be artisinal n’ shit.


  • 4 eggs separated yolks and whites
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 2 cups milk
  • 1/3 cup sugar +1 tablespoon
  • 1 teaspoon freshly ground nutmeg
  • 1/4 teaspoon cardamom
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 4 oz Bourbon
Start by heating the milk and heavy cream in a sauce pan until simmering around the edges and just barely boiling.
While the milk mixture heats, beat the egg yolks and sugar until they lighten in color and double in size.
Set the egg whites aside in the fridge to use later.
Temper the eggs with the hot milk mixture by slowly pouring it in while the eggs are whipping. It should take about 30 seconds to a minute to fully incorporate.
*When fully incorporated, there is a thick foam layer that will form from being whipped. It will dissolve as you stir over heat*
Place the mixture into a heavy bottom sauce pan, Add nutmeg, Cinnamon, and cardamom. Heat on medium-high, stirring frequently, until mixture reaches 160 degrees and thickens slightly.
Take off from heat and pour into a glass bowl.
Add 4 oz of the most delicious Bourbon you can think of.
We used Whippersnapper because of the sweet yet balanced taste.

"Holiday Magic."
“Holiday Magic.”
Stir until combined and then cool in the refrigerator for about 2 hours.
When mixture is completely cooled, take egg whites out and begin whipping them until they start foaming slightly.
Add 1 Tablespoon of sugar and then beat until stiff peaks form. Using a large whisk, fold egg whites into the egg yolk custard until combined.
(The amount of times ‘beat’ is used in this recipe is difficult to resist added jokes.  Please admire my restraint.) 

Pour in a pitcher and get shit faced.



Did you get a really good idea of how to pour this shit into a really cute, holiday themed, Pinterest worthy pitcher? Did you? Because I wanted to make sure as I took the photos that this could apply to those who might not know how to do that.  I really hope that condescendingly (yet beautifully photographed) tutorial above was helpful to someone.

Now. Here’s a tutorial on how to do the last step.


Did you just get a little sick to your stomach because of how ridiculously sweet and cute that just was?

Do you feel all warm with the holiday spirit(s)?

Are you inspired to put up a calendar in your house with a countdown to the holidays now, and start planning a party (in February) for the holiday party you’re gonna throw where you can make that super badass egg nog that is chock full of liquor and happiness and party-foul potential?


Here’s what happens after you help yourself to a few of those delicious treats in a cute glass. (other than getting fat. That happens.)



You make a cheap ass Gingerbread house.  And you use an anti-depressant to dot the ‘i’ because Seasonal Defective Disorder..because PORTLAND IN DECEMBER.

Then you start making Dick in a Box jokes.

"Step 2."
“Step 2.”

Then you start feeling all artistic and worth something, so you take really nice photos of holiday things around the house that reflect your “unique nerdy style.”




So that last one doesn’t reflect my unique nerdy style…but it was an absolutely beautiful steak that Claire made for dinner, and by that time, I was seriously ready for some dinner. And then I was like “Wow. Look at that steak. That is a thing of beauty.”  Right after I looked around to make sure no one saw my drool on my shirt, I had a photo shoot with it and talked to it like a playboy model.  And then I ate it.

That’s the story of the steak photo.

We spent the rest of the night doing gingerbread stuff and laughing and enjoying the fruits of our labor…with every intention of putting a blog up about it BEFORE FEBRUARY.  But sometimes we fail in life. And sometimes, especially in Portland, people fail a lot and do it very stylishly and then turn it into a career. So we’re just gonna own that for right now, k?



Here’s some more pictures.

I’m on a roll. Maybe I’ll post January’s blog in February.   Things are improving. (DO NOT DISAGREE WITH ME, I HAVE LOW SELF ESTEEM.)


Cheers!  Awesome things to come in 2015, we promise!




a CHEW Old Fashioned Beet Down with Joelle Jones

Beet Down Stuff

We wanted to do a sort of Thanksgiving episode. However, Thanksgiving isn’t for another couple weeks, so we did ComixGiving.  We used it as a good excuse to get together with some cool people and stuff ourselves silly, while managing to film a segment on how to make our cocktail.

With the amount of food about to be had, we decided Chew would be the perfect comic to focus on, and in honor of the only food Toni Chu can eat that he does not get a psychic reading on, we made an Old Fashioned Beet Down cocktail, with Claire’s homemade Beet Simple Syrup.

Kate and  Claire give you the Beet-ails on how to make this sweet drink.


Detective Tony Chu receives psychic readings on anything he eats. Because of this, he often resorts to cannibalism in the name of justice, often tasting pieces of human bodies to piece together murder cases.  The story is lighthearted and chock full of dark humor by John Layman, and the stylized art that perfectly accompanies the tone of this series is done by Rob Guilllory.

On a whim after last month’s review on Helheim for Halloween, we reached out to artist Joelle Jones and casually asked if she would like to come to the home of strangers in Portland and partake in a ComixGiving dinner where we get her drunk and celebrate a book about Cannibalism.

…She apparently thought that sounded like a good time.

But for safety, she brought her guy Ryan.   You know, just in case we turned out to be bat shit crazy.   (which we are. But bless her and her manners, she stayed the duration and made it out alive. After some entertaining talk about cleaning out anal glands, the trauma that accompanies OK Cupid dating, and a childhood tale about a ‘pee couch.’)

(I should just write a blog about the stories people tell to relative strangers after having a few cocktails.  Brilliant. I’m serious.)

We also had returning guests Aubrey Aiese (Letterist for Lumberjanes) and Zack Sterling (Illustrator for Adventure time) …the “Boom! Brats” as we at Print Julep refer to them as. (lovingly of course.)  We always have a great time when we see these two, so we were super happy to have them again.

Back to the book: As discussed over dinner, the consensus is, of course, that Chew is AMAZING.  Duh. No surprise there.  But there was something about this book that all of us were trying to put our finger on that brought a sense of comfort.

Joelle pegged it;  it has a very 90’s feel to it. From the Illustration style, to the panels, the way it’s laid out, the colors, and even the type of humor, this comic is very nostalgic for those of us around our 30’s.   It brings us back to a comfort zone of comics, without the teenage angst and anger, but with the sense of hope and even a bit of adolescent goofiness we all miss and sometimes have a hard time making time for anymore.

The world of comics has definitely shifted, and as comics were originally intended,are starting to be geared toward teens again. Teenagers are into much different things now than they were at the start of comics, and even from just ten years ago. Or almost 20 as is the case with the 90’s. (Man that hurts.) A  lot of creators and publishers are just trying to keep up with the times. There’s a lot to be said for innovative storylines as well as offering the cutting edge of artwork and modern styles of storytelling in the comic medium.  But I think sometimes a good formula for success is reaching out and touching a fan base with a past they didn’t realized they were longing for.

Chew is able to do this, with a creative and unique premise, familiar ambiance, relevant conversation, and a comfortable world drawn y Guillory.

All in all, Chew is a lot like that Ladyfinger cake Claire made.. I’m not sure exactly why I like it, I just do.


DSC_8121DSC_8179Ladyfingers for dessert.  Because CANNIBALS.

Enough bragging about how awesome our nerdy dinner party was, time to get down to business and give you the recipes for sweet, sweet justice.


If you didn’t want to watch the video we made while buzzed, with very unsteady camera work, here’s a typed out, more accurate, hand-holding version of how to make this Chew-tastic drink.


The Old Fashioned Beet Down is just a twist on a traditional Old Fashioned.   Instead of a cherry or regular simple syrup, Claire made a beet simple syrup that takes the edge off the bourbon and makes this drink a smooth sail to shitface town.



1 Full beet chopped and peeled

1 Cup of Sugar

2 Cups of Water

Stir together in a pot and boil down until the liquid is about 1 cup. Strain the beets out and keep the blood.  BAM.

It also makes your kitchen look like you slaughtered someone.  Feel free to leave it to make a point if you’re pissed at any house mates.


1 sugar Cube


3 dashes of Bitters


1/2 Teaspoon of Beet Simple Syrup


1 Orange Slice


Muddle it together in a pint glass

DSC_7798 DSC_7808

2 oz of Bourbon.  We used Burnside Bourbon by Eastside Distilling in Portland Oregon. Because it’s awesome, and THEY are awesome, because they GIVE IT TO US to use on our show and blog.  So we do.  And it’s a great relationship like that. One where they give and we take, and everyone is happy.


Next step is to throw a scoop of ice into mix and stir it for about 30 seconds to let everything infuse together. Make sure you get all the good stuff on the bottom. (That’s what she said.)

Then you want to skin an orange. Try to cut it so that you get as little of the white stuff on it as possible.


Fold the orange peel in half, and wipe the oil on the rim, then put the peel into the glass with the ice, then pour in the good stuff, (through a strainer always helps. Unless you like’m chunky…. No judging.)


There it is, peeps. We hope the next time you want to impress someone by making a badass cockail, you’ll Chew-z this one!  Hey-o!


For dessert we had some sort of thing with lady fingers and custard, and finished the night off with Cards Against Humanity in the spirit of Tony Chu and how he deals with Crimes Against Humanity regularly.  I wonder what he’d see if he took a bite out of the Dos Equis guy…

Our photo gallery from the night is below. Hope to see you next month for continued Holiday Print Julep Goodnesss.

Until next time… BEET it.